these people right here all have a special place in my heart. the top right are my besties for life, it doesn’t matter that we don’t talk every single day of the week. we all know we’ll always be close no matter what. the 2nd picture in the top row is my princess valerie. we’ve gotten so close & it was so awesome being with her her first day back from the navy. you looked so beautiful last night! my #prettyravegirl ♡ 3rd picture is my one & only marilu. i love that we’re best friends. she knows i will ALWAYS & i mean always be there for her. i’m stuck in your life forever biaatch. haha. 1st picture in the middle row is after #LifeInColor the truck ride home. haha. i didn’t want anyone to see me. tryna cover my pupils. haha. don’t ask what valerie is doing…. the 2nd picture in the middle row is the best #PLURbaby i have ever met, his name is Carlos. we met last year at Benny Benassi’s concert. he literally is an angel. we always see him at every concert. it’s like god put him in my life for a reason. 1st picture on the bottom row is my bestie dinorah. lord knows what i would do without you. we may not agree on every single thing. we have had our arguments but i love you forever & for always. we went to our first rave together WAY back in the day. we were teenagers. lol. i still remember that night like it was yesterday. of course it was Tiesto. he blew my mind & i thank him for bringing me into this beautiful life. 2nd picture on the bottom row is Dallas, My Baby in the middle & Baby Val. such cuties. i had fun with you guys. i honestly did. 3rd picture on the bottom row is Marilu, Me, Armando my little #kandikid crazy ass. haha. we’ve known each other for a while now & i’m glad we still keep in touch. & then Valerie again. you guys made my night. i swear. i had so much fun with every single one of you! my #RAVEfamily #EDMfam #iheartraves #edmnation #PLUR #namaste 